Top 10 Hidden Features of WhatsApp


WhatsApp was launched in 2010 and since then many features are added and modified, especially after its acquisition by Facebook. Most of us use it just for simple messaging, audio/video calling, and updating status. But there are many more features which you might not be aware of. Here, I will talk about the top ten hidden features of WhatsApp. Don’t forget to comment on how many of them you already knew.

1. WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp web you can use WhatsApp in your desktop browser. To use it, open the WhatsApp web in your desktop browser. It will present you with a QR code. Now open your WhatsApp on the phone and look for a three-dot icon at the top right corner. Touch it and select the “WhatsApp Web”. Point your phone to the QR code on the desktop browser and your WhatsApp is ready on the browser.

WhatsApp Web

2. Transfer files between phone and computer

You can transfer files between phone and computer using the WhatsApp web feature we discussed above. You just need to send the file as WhatsApp attachment to yourself. Attach the file in WhatsApp opened in the computer browser and send it yourself and download it on your phone. Do the same thing from the phone to transfer from phone to computer. Now you might be thinking, how can I send a message to myself. It’s simple, create a group named “Myself” by adding any friend of yours to it and then kick him out of the group. Now only you are in the group. Sending a message to this group is like sending to yourself now.

Phone to Computer Transfer

3. Send message to a group as if it’s a one on one message

It’s very similar to the “BCC” option in mails. When you receive a mail as “BCC” it looks like it’s meant only for you, and you don’t know to who all it’s addressed to. WhatsApp provides you broadcast option to achieve the same “BCC” kind of thing. Look for a three-dot icon at the top left corner. Touch it and select “New broadcast”. Select the contacts you want to broadcast and send the message. To you, it will look like a Group message, but each contact receives a personal direct message.

4. Stop automatic saving of media files to your phone

Did you ever got annoyed with WhatsApp automatically downloading all those photos and videos from peoples in the group you don’t know or when you are on mobile-data and don’t want to waste it? Happens to most of us. WhatsApp gives you the option to change these settings. Go to “Settings->Data and storage usage”. Scroll down to the “Media auto-download” section. Here you can change what media you want to download in three scenarios. On Wi-fi, on mobile-data, and on roaming. You can select none in all the scenarios if you want to have complete control over what you want to download.

Media Download Filter

5. Change font of Text messages

Bored of plain text messages? You can change the font of text messages. Actually, there are not a lot of options, but you can format texts if you want to emphasize something. (A) *text* makes textbold. (B) ~text~ strikethrough text (C) “`text“` monospace the text. (D) _text_ makes text italics. You can even make a combination of these options.

6. Two step verification

Two-step verification is a new feature added to make WhatsApp install more secure. WhatsApp SMS code to the number during installation. Anybody in possession of your new phone can install WhatsApp on it and see your private messages. That’s where two steps verification comes handy. Any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by the six-digit PIN that you created using this feature. But you should use it carefully as in the worst case you can be locked from your own account for a week. Find more details here.

7. Prevent anyone from Adding You to Group Chats

Have you ever been added to any random group which you are not interested in and get bombarded with junk messages? Not anymore. WhatsApp gives you the option to select who can add you to a group. Go to “Settings->Account->Privacy->Groups”. You can give permissions here. “Everyone” is the default. Choose “My contacts” to only allow peoples from your contact list to add you to groups. You can even filter peoples from the contact list by selecting option “My contacts except…”.

Group Invite Setting

8. Change the Theme

Bored of the same black & white theme? WhatsApp has recently added new feature which allows you to change the theme. As of now only one “Dark” theme is there. But better than nothing. You can change it from “Settings->Chats->Theme”.

Theme Change

9. Change Notification Light

When you receive any WhatsApp message, your phone LED blinks to notify you of message arrival. You can change it to any other color also. It helps you in color-coding the WhatsApp notifications. If you have set it to “yellow” for example then a yellow LED blink means its a WhatsApp notification. You can change it from “Settings->Notifications->Light”.

Notification Light

10. Check Network Usage

You can check how much network bandwidth WhatsApp is using. This data is even categorized in sections, to give you an idea where you are using the data pack most. To check this, go to “Settings->Data and storage usage->Network usage“. Full statistics will be shown here.

Network Usage

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