How to play YouTube videos in VLC


Playing Youtube videos in VLC brings lot of VLC features on your table. The VLC media player is the world’s most popular open-source media player. It can play almost all the video and audio formats. The number of features it provides as a free media player is over-whelming. If you want to know the real power of VLC, visit VideoLan.

Benefits of playing YouTube Video in VLC

  • You can skip YouTube ads on the videos. Even those which you can’t skip directly on YouTube. Watch your videos without any disturbance.
  • You can change the playback speed on VLC to view videos at your own pace. Helpful when you are learning a new dance step or want to crackdown a magician’s trick. Option to change playback speed in VLC:-
Change Speed
  • You can take a screenshot of YouTube videos when played in VLC. Shortcut to take a screenshot is “Shift + S”.
  • You can change the aspect ratio of the video to adjust the width and height of it. You can select the aspect ratio from the menu option “Video->Aspect Ratio”.
  • If you find your favorite song on youtube then obviously it will have the video too. If you want just to hear audio, you can disable video in VLC from the menu option “Video->Video Track->Disable”.
  • You can even add video and audio effects. The pleasure of watching your favorite video can increase multifold with this option. Use this option from the menu, “Tools->Effects and Filters” or just press “Ctrl + E”.

Play YouTube Video in VLC

You can play the youtube video in VLC, in two easy steps:-

  • Go to “Media->Open Network Stream” or just press the shortcut “Ctrl + N”. A new window will launch.
Play video
  • Copy the youtube video link from the browser and paste it in “Please enter a network URL” field. Click play and enjoy your video.

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